Macrocephaly-short stature-paraplegia syndrome

Also known as: Volcke-Soekarman syndrome



Macrocephaly-short stature-paraplegia syndrome is characterized by macrocephaly and midface hypoplasia, intellectual deficit, short stature, spastic paraplegia and severe central nervous system anomalies (hydrocephalus and Dandy-Walker malformation). It has been described in two unrelated adults.

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Medical Term Other Names Description
Macrocephaly Big skull, Increased size of head, Large head, Increased size of skull, Large head circumference, Big head, Large calvaria, Increased size of cranium, Large skull, Big cranium, Large cranium, Big calvaria, Macrocrania, Megacephaly [more] Occipitofrontal (head) circumference greater than 97th centile compared to appropriate, age matched, sex-matched normal standards. Alternatively, a apparently increased size of the cranium.
Spastic paraplegia Spastic paraplegia, lower limb Spasticity and weakness of the leg and hip muscles.
Spasticity Muscle spasticity, Muscular spasticity A motor disorder characterized by a velocity-dependent increase in tonic stretch reflexes with increased muscle tone, exaggerated (hyperexcitable) tendon reflexes.
Midface retrusion Midface hypoplasia, Midface, flat, Underdevelopment of midface, Retrusive midface, Decreased size of midface, Decreased projection of midface, Hypotrophic midface [more] Posterior positions and/or vertical shortening of the infraorbital and perialar regions, or increased concavity of the face and/or reduced nasolabial angle.
Paraplegia Leg paralysis Severe or complete weakness of both lower extremities with sparing of the upper extremities.
Dandy-Walker malformation Dandy-walker anomaly A congenital brain malformation typically characterized by incomplete formation of the cerebellar vermis, dilation of the fourth ventricle, and enlargement of the posterior fossa. In layman's terms, Dandy Walker malformation is a cyst in the cerebellum (typically symmetrical) that is involved with the fourth ventricle. This may interfere with the ability to drain cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, resulting in hydrocephalus. Dandy Walker cysts are formed during early embryonic development, while the brain forms. The cyst in the cerebellum typically has several blood vessels running through it connecting to the brain, thereby prohibiting surgical removal.
Short stature Decreased body height, Height less than 3rd percentile, Small stature, Stature below 3rd percentile [more] A height below that which is expected according to age and gender norms. Although there is no universally accepted definition of short stature, many refer to "short stature" as height more than 2 standard deviations below the mean for age and gender (or below the 3rd percentile for age and gender dependent norms).
Hydrocephalus Hydrocephaly, Nonsyndromal hydrocephalus Hydrocephalus is an active distension of the ventricular system of the brain resulting from inadequate passage of CSF from its point of production within the cerebral ventricles to its point of absorption into the systemic circulation.

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