X-linked intellectual disability, Abidi type



X-linked intellectual disability, Abidi type is characterized by X-linked intellectual deficit and mild variable manifestations, including short stature, small head circumference, sloping forehead, hearing loss, abnormally shaped ears, and small testes. It has been described in eight affected males from three generations.

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Medical Term Other Names Description
Microcephaly small cranium, Decreased circumference of cranium, Small head, Small skull, Small head circumference, Reduced head circumference, Decreased size of cranium, Decreased size of skull, Abnormally small skull, Decreased size of head, Abnormally small cranium, small calvarium, Abnormally small head [more] Occipito-frontal (head) circumference (OFC) less than -3 standard deviations compared to appropriate, age matched, normal standards (Ross JJ, Frias JL 1977, PMID:9683597). Alternatively, decreased size of the cranium.
Sloping forehead Inclined forehead, Posteriorly sloping forehead, Receding forehead [more] Inclination of the anterior surface of the forehead from the vertical more than two standard deviations above the mean (objective); or apparently excessive posterior sloping of the forehead in a lateral view.
Abnormality of the pinna Malformed external ears, Poorly defined conchae, Malformation of auricle, Dysplastic ears, Abnormally shaped ears, Deformed ears, Deformed auricles, Malformed ears, Auricular malformation, Simple ears, Malformed auricles, Minor malformation of the auricles, Abnormal form of ears [more] An abnormality of the pinna, which is also referred to as the auricle or external ear.
Short stature Decreased body height, Height less than 3rd percentile, Small stature, Stature below 3rd percentile [more] A height below that which is expected according to age and gender norms. Although there is no universally accepted definition of short stature, many refer to "short stature" as height more than 2 standard deviations below the mean for age and gender (or below the 3rd percentile for age and gender dependent norms).
Hearing impairment Congenital deafness, Hypoacusis, Deafness, Hearing defect, Hearing loss, Congenital hearing loss [more] A decreased magnitude of the sensory perception of sound.
Decreased testicular size Small testis, Testicular hypoplasia, Hypoplastic testes, Small testes [more] Reduced volume of the testicle (the male gonad).
Intellectual disability Nonprogressive intellectual disability, Poor school performance, Mental-retardation, Dull intelligence, Nonprogressive mental retardation, Mental deficiency, Mental retardation, nonspecific, Low intelligence [more] Subnormal intellectual functioning which originates during the developmental period. Intellectual disability, previously referred to as mental retardation, has been defined as an IQ score below 70.

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